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It's been too long.

It's so weird to me when I become overwhelmed by the simplest of problems.

I got my letter in the mail today saying that I need to schedule an appointment ASAP with an adviser so that I can get my graduation approval form signed by all the people who need to sign it. This requires me to go to Turlock, which I fucking hate doing. I realize this, and yet, I'm pretty positive that I would be driving to Turlock most days of the week were I to be accepted into the Social Work masters program I applied to. I don't know why, but the drive to Turlock is scarier to me and gives me more anxiety than most other drives.

Joe and I have been considering going to Disneyland. We have added up how much things would cost at a minimum and for both of our tickets being $300, a car being $250, and a hotel being $200, we are already spending a shitload before I even get into gas, food, and general expenses. I really want to go, but Joe and I will not be getting any more money until the Fall semester, which means, like, August. And, you know, I hate driving long distances.. I hate driving, period. I have ridiculous anxiety that fucking sucks out my soul and makes me miserable. I am afraid of a lot of rides now, so I'm not even sure how much I would enjoy Disneyland at this point.

Those two paragraphs pretty much sum up my frustration. There's nothing major going on.. but, you know, I have 5 classes right now and one of them is so hard for me to keep up with because of the others and because there are no due dates. I really am not freaking out or anything, but I would like to have everything a little more under control than it is. But, you know, if you could just make the anxiety go away, I would feel peachy.

Don't get my wrong, I'm very optimistic about everything going on.. I just felt like I should get it all out there somewhere.
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