And we're. all. dead. now. (deathintears) wrote,
And we're. all. dead. now.

This is just a good story.

My dad was talking to Joe a few days ago about how people are jerks, basically. Joe said that customers are really rude at Starbucks and it can be frustrating.
My dad says, "Too bad you can't throw coffee in their face."
Joe says, "Yeah, that'd be nice."
My dad says, "How how is that Starbucks coffee? Is it as hot as McDonalds' coffee?"
Joe, "It's 200 degrees."
My dad, "So that's pretty hot.. that'd burn someone pretty good."
Joe, "It's not too hot, I've gotten some on myself and it stings, but it didn't leave a mark or anything."
My dad, "So you could probably throw coffee in someone's face and not have to worry about having to pay a big medical bill. Well, goodnight."

And, remember, he robbed a bank, robbed his uncle, robbed some other places, trashed some place he was mad at with his teen son and nephews, tried to kill himself probably a dozen times, has sued like 6 people.. I'm just saying.. It's not like he's all talk. He actually is a bit of a psycho.

Oh yeah.. and Joe was just talking.. He didn't think that's what my dad was getting at when he asked how hot the coffee is.. He's not going to blind anyone with coffee.. A microwaved chocolate chunk cookie, maybe.. Even a toffee almond bar.. but never coffee.
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