And we're. all. dead. now. (deathintears) wrote,
And we're. all. dead. now.

Pretty good time.

So..Andrew's out and Joe is in. Hahah. Andrew told me he's not that into me
But I've been talking to this new guy, Joe, who is fucking amazing. He doesn't date people, which will make things better, I think. Anyway..we get along really fucking well. He's incredibly funny and thinks I'm funny too. He's just great..and is a Virgo/Libra, which is nice. We talked on the phone for around 7 hours today. Tell me. Niiccee.

Just thought I'd tell you.
LiveJournal has become my place to talk about guys, it seems.


And my birthday is in less than a week. I'm still lost on the whole party thing because my parents have, like, no money this month..So they're not sure if they'll be able to get a hotel so that I can have people over. Sorry guys..and if I end up being able to have a party, I'll understand if you can't come because it's such short notice. This is so fucking stupid.
But, no matter what, I want to go to bars with you!
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