And we're. all. dead. now. (deathintears) wrote,
And we're. all. dead. now.

Hello everyone.

I just felt like I should update..because I always read your posts..and I should post something sometime, right? Not let MySpace take up all of my thoughts.

Well, I've been seeing this guy for a few weeks now..and he fucking rules. He's smart..and sooooooo funny. We have the same sense of humor..and it's so cool. We get along really well. And he doesn't freak out at all when I act psycho. He calls me everyday..and follows through on everything he says. He's tops..haha. And he's a Pisces! Can you believe it?? He's an EMT and a volunteer firefighter. Tell me..god..fuck..woo. Adore him.

Aside from that..I've just been going to school at Delta..still. Really sad, trust me, I know. But I got my AA last semester..and I've still never seen a counselor. I could probably be at a different school by now for my Bachelors if I would just talk to someone.
I'm just taking Spanish and Nutrition right now. I'm such a goddamn slacker.

I'll be 21 on October 17th. And I plan on having a party on the 19th, I believe.'d better come. I'm not sure if it will be huge..I'm thinking more that I just want people to come over, get fucked up, and play Battle of the Sexes.
And..I will be going to bars a lot. ready..because I'll need friends there. This means you!

I love you all. Truly. So much.
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